Fragrance List

Japanese Honeysuckle:
A sweet flowering vine with one of the most loved floral scents.

Pineapple & Frangipani:
Sweet and juicy pineapple is well matched with tropical frangipani with additional notes of vanilla, musk and cedar.

Champagne & Strawberries:
A combination of ripe strawberries and raspberries with notes of champagne and roses.

Pink Sugar:
Fruity top notes of strawberry, raspberry and citrus with indulgent vanilla and white musk.

Lychee Peony:
A fruity-floral combination with the subtle freshness of lychee fruit and the exquisite softness of peony petals.

Raspberry Dream:
A blend of ripe raspberry, blueberry and strawberry notes with creamy vanilla, buttermilk and malt.

A perfect scent of fresh watermelon.

no description needed - smells just like nerds!

A wonderful aroma of freshly sliced pomegranate.

Black Raspberry & Vanilla:
A combination of blackberries and raspberries white florals at its core, with notes of creamy vanilla and luscious musk.

Coconut Lime:
Fresh coconut and lime and invigorating verbena soothed by luscious vanilla.

Monkey Farts:
A complex citrus blend that starts with a subtle base of vanilla, then layered with fresh kiwi fruit, mango and bubblegum, finished off with top notes of grapefruit, banana and fresh strawberries.

Vanilla Caramel:
Enriched with sweet and salty buttery caramel, this scent is balanced perfectly with rich, creamy vanilla, coconut and tonka bean.

A sweet and rich vanilla scent with additional notes of cocoa butter, toasted coconut and caramelised sugar.

Sandalwood Vanilla:
A soft floral with smooth, woody notes, including warm amber, orchid, jasmine and a creamy vanilla overlay.


Imagine walking through a meadow fringed with sprigs of Lavender. 


Sparkling Strawberries:

If you love our Champagne Strawberries fragrance you'll love this fragrance more!  With a refreshing "fizzy" base this fragrance will make you think you're sitting in the Bahamas on the beach with a glass of champagne.


Cotton Candy:

This fragrance is sure to make you crave Cotton Candy! With a mixture of caramel, sugared candy, strawberries and a smooth base of vanilla; this is sure to be a favourite.



 A light, fresh citrus aroma, often said to stimulate the mind, balanced with additional citrus green notes and a hint of aniseed and lily of the valley.


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